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Unicorn wax seal retro European style seal hand account invitation premium wax stamp

Unicorn wax seal retro European style seal hand account invitation premium wax stamp

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personalized stamp/Custom stamp/Wedding Stamp/craft stamp/design stamp/Wax seal Precautions for purchase! If you don’t understand, please contact customer service at the time of purchase to understand clearly The text part can be changed and replaced. The text on the surface of the stamp means "BLESSING FORM AFAR". If you need to change the word, please be within 16 letters. The stamp text is the default stamp font, all uppercase, no font is specified. The wax print is divided into 28mm rosewood handle wax print and 30mm pear wood handle wax print. The difference between the two types is the difference between wood and copper heads. The 4cm all-bronze stamp and the handle is also copper. It is recommended to use it with an oil-based ink pad. It is not suitable for water-based ink pads. Recommended ink pad brand: Mooncat. Inkpad needs to be purchased separately! ! Paper embossed stamps are also called steel stamps, which can directly emboss three-dimensional patterns on thin and light paper. Suggested paper: 50-140g embossing paper, jammed paper or cover paper with film cannot produce patterns. The embossing process is a bit laborious, and paper with more cotton content is more three-dimensional. The unicorn is a kind of creature in myths and legends, it is rare and noble. Legend has it that a girl can only be guarded by a unicorn in her life. Every girl will have a unicorn in her heart. It symbolizes love and implies loyalty, courage, beauty and nobility!


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