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New Wax Stamp Vintage Stamp Holiday Gift Envelope Invitation Seal Head Handmade

New Wax Stamp Vintage Stamp Holiday Gift Envelope Invitation Seal Head Handmade

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Customized wax seals, wedding seals,Very suitable for your envelope, invitation card, is the most special gift...We can customize your own stamp, please send me the logo/image/png first. (Please note that additional payment is required for custom stamps ❤) ❤Please note----buyers must see! ! ! Handles purchased at this link do not ship, add $1 after purchasing a stamp to get the handle. ❤Product specifications Size: 30mm Material: pure copper, sturdy and durable Features: deep carving, fine workmanship, craftsman spirit (The threaded connection of the stamp head is detachable, Applicable to all handles in our store) ❤Reminder 1. The seal cannot be pulled out before it is dry, nor can it be printed for too long (5-8 seconds is the most suitable) 2. If you accidentally leave the wax liquid on the seal, don't worry, you can print the residual wax at the same time next time you use it. 2. The seal will be oxidized when exposed to the air for a long time, so it is best to keep it sealed. 3. Due to material problems, there will be some scratches in the engraving and transportation, but it will not affect the overall effect, please use it with confidence. -------------------- ------------------ ❤ Customize your own wax seal ❤More styles of sealing wax ❤More customized wax seal design styles ❤More sealing wax tools (handles/dry flowers/wax spoons, etc.) -------------------- ------------------ If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, we are willing to help you. #personalized stamp#Custom stamp#Wedding Stamp#craft stamp#design stamp#Wax stamp


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